Birth of a Sin Vol. 1: A Beautiful Lie

A Beautiful Lie Cover
A Beautiful Lie Cover
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99
Pages: 198
Paperback: $ 14.00
Pages: 244

Could the love between a Sinner and a Saint only end in flames?

Ira owned the city. As the head of the Dante family, she had the law in her pocket and her red manicured nails in every criminal enterprise.
But when she met Tristan – a man with ocean blue eyes and an angelic smile – it was love at first sight. It didn’t matter that he owned nothing to his name and lived in the worst part of her city. Anything he could desire, she could give him.

There was just a tiny problem.

Tristan was a vigilante. A partner of the hero whose mission was to take down Ira’s empire.
Will their relationship, built on pretty promises and beautiful lies, unravel under his secret, or does that really matter?

Either way, Ira had her eyes set on her prize and she always gets what she wants.

Damn his feelings on the matter.


She tilted her head from side to side. “I don’t recognize you. Then again, I can’t remember every insignificant bland face that walks through my office.”

She sat up, her left hand moving to dig through her purse, pulling up a gold ring, setting it on the coffee table, “If you joined the ‘big leagues,’ I would think you’d recognize this.”

She only wore that for board meetings with other family bosses and Dons. The large gold ring contained a crest; a snake coiling around a horned demon, decorated with seven distinct gems. Each gem, a different color, represented the top family members.

The Sins.

This was the Dante ring, containing the crest of the most powerful family in Monterose.

Any guard, housekeeper, store owner, any cop, any city official, any operative under her broad umbrella would have an inkling of a memory of this ring.


This skinny boy showed none. Nothing in those eyes, empty of everything but stupidity, displayed any kind of memory of this ring. Daniel gulped, trembling as he slowly shook his head.

Her lips curled up, pearly whites exposed, as she grinned. “Good. Then we won’t need to buy your family flowers.”

Daniel moved, heading towards the door, his hand reaching out for the knob before her fist shattered his forearm, causing his knife to fall to the ground, a loud CRACK echoing through the room. Her eyes glowed with blood lust, and she laughed, savoring his screams. Her right hand gripped that thin forearm; it was less structure, almost gelatinous now in its movements; the skin turning dark red and purple from the damage. Her left hand gripped his neck, the hot metal digging into his skin, searing the flesh as she held him tight. “You made a terrible error. Using MY name for a little flower shop heist? You’re a fucking moron.”

He clawed her arm for air as drool, snot, and tears mixing as agony and terror gripped his heart, squeezing it.

“Honestly, I really don’t give two shits about that. If you only did that, I would’ve just had you executed.” Her voice was low and deep, a snarl in her throat as she gave him a twisted grin, “I wouldn’t have bothered wasting my time to come to some shit ass dump, waiting on some broken piece of a shit couch for some worthless shit mouse like you.”

Her eyes slowly narrowed into slits and her grin vanishing. Her face turned grim, her jaw set as darkness covered her eyes. “But you touched something of mine. You hurt him…” Her voice softened into a hiss, “M-maybe even left a scar on his beautiful face…How could you?”

He tried to speak, his hand desperately fighting her metal grip for life, “Don’t…kill…”

Her glare into his eyes was devoid of any semblance of mercy or sanity. Her grip tightened, cutting off all air, her right fist letting go of his arm to pound against his stomach, repeatedly. “HOW COULD YOU?! YOU PIECE OF SHIT! HE IS MINE! HE! IS! MINE!”


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