Birth of a Sin

Book Cover: Birth of a Sin Original

Original WebSerial

Ira Dante has it all.




The super-powered head of the largest mafia family in Monterose, Ira rules with an iron fist, taking whatever her family of Sins desire by force.

However, when she lays eyes on a beautiful but seemingly ordinary young man named Tristan, she is at a loss. For once she desires something just for her and her alone. Something she knows cannot just be taken through violence:


Can a mafia queen keep her criminal life and her love separate? What of Tristan, whose hidden identity could rock the volatile Ira to her very core? Could a normal relationship survive the inevitable collision of hidden lives and hidden connections?

One thing is certain:

What Ira wants, Ira gets.

No matter what the cost.


“You ruined me…”

He kept hold of that thought. Those words kept him away from the fog of sensation.

Or the lack of thereof.

His cheeks and ears burned, tears falling as he remembered the humiliation. His neck felt so heavy and his nerves kept firing jolts through him, again and again.

After he had spilled himself all over Ira’s hand and the floor, the heaven he had tasted was quickly replaced with hell. The shock and horror of his own body betraying him, revealing the extent of his mutilation, almost made him throw up again.

He begged for her to touch him.

Begged for her to hurt him.

“You ruined me…”


He bit his bottom lip, breaking the skin again, chewing on the wound as he sobbed. His hands, freed from the shackles, moving to touch his side, feeling mottled scar tissue left. He had burnt charred marks all over his body from the electric shocks, deep primal welts on his chest and shoulder.
He sniffled, chuckling through his choking gasps, “I… I’ve been mauled by a lion. A lion who… who is the biggest bitch in the world.” His gasps and chuckles devolved into a laugh, hands moving to the floor. An airy laugh that heaved out of his maimed chest, his lungs working overtime to suck in breath, “Wh-what a fucking story this will be! When I get-get out of here…” His laughter slowed, eyes heavy, tears still dripping from sticky, clumped lashes, “If… if I get out of here.”

“Perfect. You are perfect… my precious Tristan.”

“Biggest, most psychotic bitch in the whole fucking world…” His brow furrowed and he run his nails against the floor, leaving shallow indents. He took in a heaving breath, trying to focus in on the anger from his humiliation, from her disfigurement of him.

Yet underneath that anger, that embarrassment, was a deep sorrow. A sinking feeling of despair brought forth from one simple thought.

“… Wasn’t I perfect before?”


This is the full original web serial for Birth of a Sin!  Can be read via Kindle Vella and the first THREE episodes are free!


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