Drained: A Vampire Noir

A Gothic Detective Story

Book Cover: Drained: A Vampire Noir

Two detectives investigate the grisly murder of a suburban couple. At first, the primary suspect is their college-aged son. However, the evidence does not add up; the injuries, the damage to the home, and worse, a horrifying video denote that no human hands could’ve committed the crime.

The truth is much older and much more malicious than any human psychopath could be; humans are just mere cattle.


The door slammed shut.

The video went black.

Icy sweat went down from Jims’ forehead to his chiseled cheeks, dripping from his chin, his eyes wavering. He closed his eyes, remembering the rambling of his grandfather, remembering his shouts and scream, describing a scene much like what they had witnessed.

This same scene was embedded into Johns’ memory, his wrinkled eyes wide, unblinking as reality failed him. He slowly turned his head to look at Jim, finally releasing a wavering breath that broke the stunned silence. “…What the hell did we watch?”

Jim opened his eyes, releasing a bitter, nervous chuckle, “…A…vampire. Like the crazy bastard said.”


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