Letters Between Sex and Violence

Letters Between Sex and Violence

A jester services his evil queen. An infamous outlaw murders a mayor to rescue her henchman. A wolf murders his family for his huntress. A serial killer gifts a flesh and blood heart.

The love between Wrath and Lust transcends setting and genre

Coda Languez dances between the romantic and horrific in this sinful anthology. Dive into ‘The Letters Between Sex and Violence’, a collection of bleak surrealistic tales dedicated to the exploration of the most toxic of romances.



I opened my eyes, sitting on the couch in a home far less opulent than mine. Faux leather sectional in front of an electric fireplace, surrounded by built-in shelves containing copies of atlases just so the patriarch of this little brownstone can pretend to be and illustrious.


Snorting, I lifted the wineglass to my lips and, in a manner fitting of this place, chugged down the wine.



Just like the carcass split open, from bottom of the neck, all the way past the navel.


Unlike the bravado and bombastic insults levied my way by the now very dead detective, the body was butchered with care. My eyes shifted down from the stereo crackling of fake flames to the merlot splattered, rust smelling, itchy beige carpet, a proud smirk on my face.
I felt bad for the wife; I doubt she could afford a housekeeper on a by-the-book cop’s salary. She’s going to deal with the mess herself. When does she get home? I glance over to the grandfather clock, only antique in this quaint abode, “Finished playing?”

“Not yet, Sweetie. I have to keep it intact.”