The Curse of Dawn

Curse of Dawn Cover
Curse of Dawn Cover
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~In the darkness of night, the moon is the only light. Your beauty will be as fair as your heart. But in the brightness of day, the sun enters the fray. You will be a nightmare, destined to be torn apart.~

Cole Holton is a burden. At least that is what he tells himself, and death would be the only way to end the nightmare known as his life. Until he meets a woman with the stars in her eyes and a curse haunting her heart. A woman who is losing the one thing she gave him… Hope.


Her legs playfully kicked the railing, her hands holding onto the bars, the only thing keeping her from death. “What? I wanted to join you!”

Is this beautiful idiot drunk?! “Are you out of your mind?!” I heaved as I shoved her back over the rail, not caring about the squeaking ‘OOF’ she released when she hit the roof. I gasped, my upper body almost flailing back before my core muscles, driven by my rebellious survival instincts, clenched and I grabbed onto the bars again. Sweat cascaded down my cheeks like a waterfall, and I looked up at her face.

She was trying to go over the god damn rail again!

“Are you crazy?!” I grit my teeth and pull myself up, nearly head-butting her away. “Why are you doing this?!”

Her laugh was the most melodic yet annoying song to my ears. “I thought you might want company.”

“No! I don’t want company!” My eyes watered again and my voice swelled against the night breeze. “I WANT TO DIE!”



I blinked, a tear joining the sweat dripping down my chin.

Her smile left, and her lips pressed together. Her black hair moved liked waves over the breeze and her eyes, still sparkling with the stars, studied me.


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