The Story of Red and Her Wolf

The Story of Red and Her Wolf
The Story of Red and Her Wolf

A young boy makes a perilous escape from his life in a town he calls ‘Hell’. When freedom seems only one more humiliation away, Death as a rabid beast savagely rips freedom away from the boy’s desperate grasp.

Until a mystery hunter cloaked in blood red slays her prey, saving the young boy. Now his life has taken a different form of imprisonment, for the now dead beast has cursed him, and Red, the hunter, gave him a bleak sentence;

“In 30 days, you will die.”

“In 30 days, I will kill you.”

Will the young boy, thrust into the Deep Woods with his executioner, survive his imprisonment? Is Red only a hunter, or another soul that has some deep scars woven in their flesh?

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No one goes into the Deep Woods.
Into the dark and rot.
Only whispers are heard in the Deep Woods
The birds stop singing once in the Deep Woods.
The sun cannot shine through the canopy.
Any creature that enters never return
Once they are in the Deep Woods.
Deer fleeing from hunters
And the hunters that chase become ghosts
Never to escape the Deep Woods.
Only a monster lives in the Deep Woods.
A monster shrouded in the crimson blood
Of all the others who dared entered
The home called the Deep Woods…


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