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Birth of a Sin Vol. 2: Pleasure in Pain

Birth of a Sin Vol. 2: Pleasure in PainSeries: Birth of a Sin #2
Title: Birth of a Sin Vol. 2: Pleasure in Pain
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Pages: 192

From sweet seduction to brutal retribution: The toxic mafia romance continues with a vengeance.


Enter the chilling and twisted world of Ira Dante, a woman with immense power, wealth, and beauty. Tristan was captivated by her and saw her as his ideal lover. However, beneath her stunning exterior lies an obsession with extreme violence that destroys anyone who crosses her.

The sequel to ‘A Beautiful Lie’, called Pleasure in Pain, reveals Ira’s sadistic and insane nature as she carries out illegal activities such as drug trafficking, weapon theft, and countless murders to achieve her goals. As a vigilante, Tristan knows the danger of getting involved with someone like Ira, but she refuses to accept rejection.

Will he succumb to her twisted desires or resist her sadistic allure? Find out in this bone-chilling tale of dark romance that delves into the disturbing world of obsession and extreme violence.

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