Coda Languez

Birth of a Sin

Title: Birth of a Sin
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“There is no price I am not willing to pay to get what I want.”
“What about what I want? What would you give me?”

Ira Dante, the merciless and bloodthirsty leader of Monterose’s most formidable crime syndicate, harbors an insatiable and chilling fixation on Tristan, the man who holds her heart. With her extraordinary supernatural abilities, she unleashes a torrent of extreme violence upon anyone who dares to oppose their union, even if it means harming Tristan himself.

Their love takes on a twisted and intense nature, fueled by Ira’s dark cravings and Tristan’s concealed true identity.

As their relationship descends into chaos, Ira is willing to go to any lengths to completely possess him, even going so far as to bestow upon him her monstrous powers. In her eyes, Tristan represents the missing puzzle piece that will restore harmony to her fractured family, a family deeply entrenched in sin.

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