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  • 03.11.2022 Throwback Thursday!

    03.11.2022 Throwback Thursday!

    Throwback Thursday! The First Kiss So we have a relatively old (2017 omg) that does need a redraw.  Like bad. Since I am doing an actual (self-published) ebook release of Birth of a Sin with separate volumes (Vol .1 titled ‘A Beautiful Lie’) and I may have a section at the end with artwork related…

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  • 03.01.2022 Curse of Dawn ep. 16 Released!

    03.01.2022 Curse of Dawn ep. 16 Released! Curse of Dawn Ep. 16 A Happy Dream New Episode of Curse of Dawn is out! Mallena furiously defends Cole and wants him in her life…despite Sabina’s protests. The issue is…Sabina maybe RIGHT… Read on Kindle Vella!  First Episodes are Free! Read on Kindle Vella!

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