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  • 03.03.2022 New Redbubble Merch!

    03.03.2022 New Redbubble Merch!

    Redbubble Merch Friday The 13th A Throwback to a horror image I made in the before times.  I really like how it came out and decided to make it into some redbubble merch! Buy it on Redbubble!  PRESS THE BUTTON! Shop on RedBubble!

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  • 02.27.2022 Birth of a Sin ~ La Pieta

    02.27.2022 Birth of a Sin ~ La Pieta Birth of a Sin Art Update La Pieta Check out my redraw of some old 2017 art! The new 2022 version is the one to be included in the episode of Birth of a Sin! Clickt the button to read it!  Enjoy! Read on Tapas!

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  • 12.31.2021 Art Summary 2021!

    12.31.2021 Art Summary 2021!

    Art vs Artist 2021! I decided to be super extra and make my own template. Then I decided to make it into an separate piece of work. Then I made fancy text… I do this to myself…ooof. Anywho! Here is my 2021 art summary! A long year with a ton of experimentation!

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  • 12.01.2021 Kinkfall 22

    Bite Kinkfall 22 Well here we have a rather sensual image of Ira and Tristan sharing a conflicted and painful kiss.  Note that Ira is not a vampire…she just like’s causing a bit of pain…not that Tristan minds either.

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  • 11.30.2021 Kinkfall 21

    Kinkfall 21 Sensory Deprivation So I took a bit of Hiatus from posting but returned with a very sensual piece!  Though Kinkfall is continuing onto KinkWinter, I do aim on finishing all these prompts and perhaps uses these same hues. This is one is a bit of a switch from my usual Femdom pieces.  I…

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  • 11.15.2021 Kinkfall 18

    Kinkfall 18 Ripped Clothes with Guest Star Darzsa So, to take a break from drawing my twisted, toxic OTP, I had asked a few friends for some characters to draw in my prompts.  One such character is the stylish, snarky, intelligent and proud Darzsa from my friend, @foxnflames ‘Give In To Me’!  Decided to go…

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  • 11.13.2021 New Birth of a Sin Episode is Out Now!

    11.13.2021 New Birth of a Sin Episode is Out Now!

    Birth of a Sin Ep. 169 Escape Tristan is having a bit of a time getting rid of guards and drones. However, his powers are proving potent and useful. He makes his way out of the dungeons and onto the grounds itself, seeking the beach. And freedom! Click the bottom to read more! Read on…

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  • 11.10.2021 Kinkfall 17

    11.10.2021 Kinkfall 17

    Kinkfall 17 Denial Welp, looks like Tristan got himself into trouble…don’t worry, Ira will train him up probably… If you want to see the full version, I have it available as a HD print download on my BuyMeACoffee site!  Click the link below to snatch it! Buy me A Beer!

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  • 11.07.2021: Kinkfall 16

    11.07.2021: Kinkfall 16

    Kinkfall 16 Cream Pie My second Huevember image and wow I really like this style and work!  I am having a lot of fun with this SUPER limited pallette!   The full-size image is available to download on my BuyMeACoffee site!  If you want the naughties, click the button!  Every little support makes me love you…

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  • 11.02.2021 KinkFall 15

    11.02.2021 KinkFall 15

    Kinkfall 15: Knife and Gun Play So we are in November and thus it is Huevember time!  So for these next images of Kinkfall, expect one MAJOR color to pop and only have white or black to enhance it.  No more red blood or hair, but I still wanna highlight the characters eye colors, like…

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