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Category: Throwback Thursdays

  • 03.11.2022 Throwback Thursday!

    03.11.2022 Throwback Thursday!

    Throwback Thursday! The First Kiss So we have a relatively old (2017 omg) that does need a redraw.  Like bad. Since I am doing an actual (self-published) ebook release of Birth of a Sin with separate volumes (Vol .1 titled ‘A Beautiful Lie’) and I may have a section at the end with artwork related…

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  • 03.03.2022 New Redbubble Merch!

    03.03.2022 New Redbubble Merch!

    Redbubble Merch Friday The 13th A Throwback to a horror image I made in the before times.  I really like how it came out and decided to make it into some redbubble merch! Buy it on Redbubble!  PRESS THE BUTTON! Shop on RedBubble!

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  • 02.24.2022 Throwback Thursdays!

    02.24.2022 Throwback Thursdays!

    2017 Thursday Throwback! Yandere Ira! An old image that I still really like and is on my list to redraw!  Since I do plan on making my long serial into a series of books, I do have some artwork that can use some sprucing up! Read the original chapter as well! Read on Tapas!

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  • 02.10.2022 Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday Wildstar Character Portrait Now this is a throwback to 2014, when I was putting a bunch of hours into a game called Wildstar… Which I don’t play anymore cause it was a bad MMO.  Ah well.

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  • 01.20.2022 Chiaroscuro Study

    01.20.2022 Chiaroscuro Study

    Low-Key Lighting Caravaggio Shadow Study A study of a master.  A Master study.  That I….eh could be worse. Could be better. Not a big fan but hey, I do like how it came out…even if the head looks more like a mask.  Damn.

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  • 12.31.2021 Art Summary 2021!

    Art vs Artist 2021! I decided to be super extra and make my own template. Then I decided to make it into an separate piece of work. Then I made fancy text… I do this to myself…ooof. Anywho! Here is my 2021 art summary! A long year with a ton of experimentation!

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  • 11.04.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    11.04.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    Throwback Thursday: Limited Palettes Earth and Sun One of my favorite images of last year!  I really love how this came out and I am BIG fan of limited palettes.  So seeing this palette was super inspiring for a space image. Since it’s huevember, I figured I would share pretty limited palette images for Throwback…

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  • 10.28.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    10.28.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    Throwback Thursday: Angry Tristan Throwback to 2019, when I returned to my novel and really started to throw a lot of art and writing to it.  This one had to be drawn to showcase that Tristan has a vicious side when pushed…

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  • 10.21.2021 Throwback Thursday

    10.21.2021 Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday: Chara Throwback to 2016 and man this little shit is still a creepy CHARActer huh? I thought their design was just so offputting so of course I had to draw ’em!

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  • 10.14.2021 Throwback Thursday

    Throwback – 2018 Mermay: Goldfish So this is black and white enough for inktober! Here is a throwback to 2018 when I tried to do Mermay and ended up not having enough time. Here is my stuttering little wallflower Jayce, who I need to draw more often because he is adorable and grumpy.

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