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Meet Coda Languez

Meet A Puerto Rican Code Monkey Who DrinksDrawsWrites!

Meet Coda

For information on Coda’s latest works connect with her on social media via @codemonkeyarts.

Meet a Drunk Monkey

Hello and welcome! I am pleased to meet you! As you know I love to draw, drink, and write!

I am a Software Engineer by day and an Artist/Author by night. I am also a lover of all things anime, horror, and comic related, true geek in all aspects. Heavily influenced by the works of Satoshi Kon, Kouta Hirano, Francesca Lia Block, and Clive Barker, I mix black comedy, horror, magic realism, and dark romance into my works, creating an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship between readers and my anti-heroic, even villainous protagonists.

When I am not programming in my day job or writing psychological terrifying romances and dark action comedies in the night hours, I often binge on anime, fantasy, and sci-fi sagas and indulge in competition reality tv (a guilty pleasure). I am also the proud mother of an adorable toddler and his Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers, and wife to an awesome and often exasperated husband.

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Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

I’m currently writing two books at once, but Curse of Dawn (my dark fairytale up on Kindle Vella) was the result of a prompt from the Open Novella Contest (A princess who is beautiful at night but becomes horrifying at daytime). Unfortunately, I was not able to get the word count I need in time, but I loved the idea so I kept going with it.

What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book?

This is going to be tragic, but I had lost my firstborn due to premature labor. It was sudden and unexpected and the only hint of it happening was the fact that my mom had struggled with premature labor with me as well. So I can see a horror based on something like this. Or a mystery too.

However this is very sensitive so I am not sure.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on two serializations. One is Birth of a Sin, a long running series that is currently at 180k words and the other is Thalassophobia, a lovecraftian horror romance based off of the Little Mermaid. I am also outlining a future SciFi Romance novella.

How do you deal with Writers Block?

Here is some good advice though you may need to risk your liver for it.

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