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  • 11.07.2021: Kinkfall 16

    11.07.2021: Kinkfall 16

    Kinkfall 16 Cream Pie My second Huevember image and wow I really like this style and work!  I am having a lot of fun with this SUPER limited pallette!   The full-size image is available to download on my BuyMeACoffee site!  If you want the naughties, click the button!  Every little support makes me love you…

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  • 10.30.2021 Birth of a Sin Episode Released!

    10.30.2021 Birth of a Sin Episode Released!

    Birth of a Sin Panic and Envy Well Tristan and Orsin get to know each other…and then…well pretty sure a few of you are gonna absolutely hate me towards the end of the chapter…and to that I say… HAHAHAHAHAHA Enoy! Read on Tapas!

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  • 10.26.2021 Kinkfall 12

    10.26.2021 Kinkfall 12

    Kinkfall 12 Shibari Kinkfall 12 involves one of my favorite artistic kinks, Shibari! I really enjoyed playing with all the brushes in Clip Studio and this rope brush was just perfect!   This is Felix from Lord Mouri’s ‘Take a Hike!’.  Click on the button to read his mishaps! Read Take a Hike!

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  • 10.14.2021 Throwback Thursday

    10.14.2021 Throwback Thursday

    Throwback – 2018 Mermay: Goldfish So this is black and white enough for inktober! Here is a throwback to 2018 when I tried to do Mermay and ended up not having enough time. Here is my stuttering little wallflower Jayce, who I need to draw more often because he is adorable and grumpy.

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