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  • 01.14.2022 DRAW YOUR FRIEND’S OC PT 4!

    01.14.2022 DRAW YOUR FRIEND’S OC PT 4!

    Draw Your Friend’s OC pt. 4 Damien for k.m.langley! A very handsome young man from K.MLangleys BL ‘Do You Believe in Magic’!  You can read about this sweetheart on tapas!  Check it out!  He is a great boyfriend material!

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  • 10.29.2021 Kinkfall 14

    Kinkfall 14: Scarification A deep kiss while showcasing a scar.  I really wanted to draw an emotional scene since this is going to be happening soon in the webnovel and the mixture of emotions is meant to contradict and hurt.  Enjoy!

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  • 10.24.2021: KinkFall 10

    10.24.2021: KinkFall 10

    KinkFall 10 Pregnancy 10th Kinkfall image done!  I am actually ahead of this…though only by 2 sadly. I need to get to 20 by the end of this month which…is soon!! If you would like to see the full uncensored version, just visit my BuyMeACoffee site!  I have this full HD poster for sale and…

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  • 10.20.2021 Kinkfall 11

    10.20.2021 Kinkfall 11

    Kinkfall 11: Piercing Decided to make more of a poster and have a PUNK AU version of Tristan and Ira together. I really like how it came out, even if I ended up with a LOT more details than I had planned. Still pretty darn sexy!

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