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  • 10.30.2021 Birth of a Sin Episode Released!

    10.30.2021 Birth of a Sin Episode Released!

    Birth of a Sin Panic and Envy Well Tristan and Orsin get to know each other…and then…well pretty sure a few of you are gonna absolutely hate me towards the end of the chapter…and to that I say… HAHAHAHAHAHA Enoy! Read on Tapas!

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  • 10.29.2021 Kinkfall 14

    Kinkfall 14: Scarification A deep kiss while showcasing a scar.  I really wanted to draw an emotional scene since this is going to be happening soon in the webnovel and the mixture of emotions is meant to contradict and hurt.  Enjoy!

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  • 10.28.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    10.28.2021: Throwback Thursday!

    Throwback Thursday: Angry Tristan Throwback to 2019, when I returned to my novel and really started to throw a lot of art and writing to it.  This one had to be drawn to showcase that Tristan has a vicious side when pushed…

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  • 10.28.2021 Kinkfall 13

    10.28.2021 Kinkfall 13

    Kinkfall 13 Pet Play Here we have a bit of naughty pet play. Tristan is suppose to be the bestest boy but sometimes he’s a bad boy! Bad boys get punished! If you would like to see the full uncensored version, I have that available as an extra large download on my BuyMeACoffee Site!  Check…

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  • 10.26.2021 Kinkfall 12

    10.26.2021 Kinkfall 12

    Kinkfall 12 Shibari Kinkfall 12 involves one of my favorite artistic kinks, Shibari! I really enjoyed playing with all the brushes in Clip Studio and this rope brush was just perfect!   This is Felix from Lord Mouri’s ‘Take a Hike!’.  Click on the button to read his mishaps! Read Take a Hike!

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  • 10.17.2021 Kinkfall 9

    10.17.2021 Kinkfall 9

    Gagging Kinkfall 9 The 9th image for Kinkfall is done!  With a very very naughty theme!  That creamy cupcake is so good, Ira is tearing up from the taste! …Except…you know…not a cupcake. If you would like to see the full uncensored version, that is available on my BuyMeACoffee site, consider buying me a pint…

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  • 10.14.2021 Throwback Thursday

    10.14.2021 Throwback Thursday

    Throwback – 2018 Mermay: Goldfish So this is black and white enough for inktober! Here is a throwback to 2018 when I tried to do Mermay and ended up not having enough time. Here is my stuttering little wallflower Jayce, who I need to draw more often because he is adorable and grumpy.

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  • 10.11.2021 Birth of a Sin: New Episode is out now!

    10.11.2021 Birth of a Sin: New Episode is out now!

    Birth of a Sin: I Told You So His own sense of logic had warned him many times. He tried to ignore it. He tried to just give in but always held back. Because he was rightfully afraid that she would prove herself wrong. And prove himself right. Tristan is not letting Ira off easily…

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  • KINKFALL 2021!

    KINKFALL 2021!

    2021 Fall Prompt List Kinkfall is an event that I…completely made up! I wanted to do prompts for Kinktober, Sketchtember, and Huevember but I realized that I don’t have that kind of time! So I decided to focus more on the Kinky side, with September prompts being drawn in a ‘sketchier’ style, October prompts being…

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