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  • Kinkfall 4: Queening

    Kinkfall 4: Queening

    Queening KinkFall 4 My 4th Kinkfall piece!  This one took quite a while thanks to my love of Clip Studio Paint and it’s Assets library.  SO MANY BORDERS!  SO MANY TEXTURES!! So I admit this was definitely style overload, especially for ‘Sketchtember’.  Still super fun!  Need to get through 6 more of these though…oof wish…

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  • Kinkfall Prompt 3

    Wax Play So nothing too off the wall and NSFW here but still pretty intense.  I really enjoy how this came out and I like the ‘sketchy’ coloring here.  The expressions were so fun and so were the patterns! Expect more Kinkfall!  Let’s see if I make it up to 10 this month! Buy me…

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    Gentle Queendom The first image for KinkFall is done!  I really need to catch up though! If you would like to see the full uncensored version, that is available on my Ko-Fi site, consider buying me a pint through the button below! Buy me A Beer!

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  • KINKFALL 2021!

    2021 Fall Prompt List Kinkfall is an event that I…completely made up! I wanted to do prompts for Kinktober, Sketchtember, and Huevember but I realized that I don’t have that kind of time! So I decided to focus more on the Kinky side, with September prompts being drawn in a ‘sketchier’ style, October prompts being…

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